LASIK Stories

Lasik Stories

"€œFor those of you who deal with the daily limitations and hassles that both glasses and contacts can create - I can relate! I began wearing glasses at age 5. With every passing year, my prescription grew worse and the aggravation even higher. At Age 14, my parents allowed me the joy of advancing to contact lenses. At that point I felt a bit more attractive...but the hassles and limitations continued. I always kept an ear open for the latest and greatest vision correction procedures even though my prescription had advanced to -9.50R and -9.75L. Upon entering the field of ophthalmology I learned of LASIK eye surgery. My prescription was so bad that I was off the scale for what the FDA deemed appropriate. Finally my day came in September of 1999. I am both proud and thoroughly excited to say that my vision one day post-operative was a beautiful 20/20. I guess you could call me living proof of the life changing effect of laser vision correction.€"

- Hilary, 2007

"I started wearing glasses as a freshman in high school. It became difficult to see the chalkboard in my classes. Furthermore sports were becoming a problem. I started wearing glasses but quickly moved into contact lenses due to my active lifestyle. Glasses were much more comfortable and on lazy days I would just use my glasses. Contacts became something I used only for sports and special events, until I realized that I look better without glasses. I started to wear my contacts more and more and this resulted in torn lenses, very bad dry eyes, and a general discomfort when wearing these lenses. If I was sick there was no way I would even attempt to put in my contacts. When I first heard about LASIK I was skeptical. I researched PRK first because my logical self told me that cutting the eye was not a good idea. After working in ophthalmology I quickly realized that LASIK would be better for me but I was still cautious. One day I met my LASIK surgeon and told myself that he is the kind of doctor that I would have LASIK with. I needed a doctor with a lot of experience and one that was safe. I chose to have LASIK in July of 2003 and my vision has been excellent ever since. The surgery was very quick. My vision was at first blurry. When I woke up the next day I was reading fine print on posters, seeing the definition in leaves, and noticing a new 'vibrance'€™ in my world. I went to the post-operative appointment and was seeing 20/15 in both eyes. Now I take my good vision for granted. Thanks to Dr. Richard Foulkes my vision has been perfect.€"

- Michael, 2007

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