The NeuroVision or Revitalvision (US) Treatment System is a type of neural vision or perceptual vision treatment based on visual stimulation and facilitation of neural connections responsible for vision. The technology involves the use of an internet based computer generated visual training, using specialized stimuli made up of Gabor patches.

In studies of the brain in 1959, Hubel and Wiesal discovered that cortical cells responded to certain orientation of bar targets.  All cells within a column through the 6 cortical layers have roughly the same orientation preference. This is significant because some columns of brain cells respond to vertical bars, some to horizontal bars, and some to oblique bars.  This is the basis of the Gabor patch stimulus.

Studies have been done to evaluate the efficacy of this system in enhancing best corrected vision (BCVA) and contrast sensitivity (CSF) in post-cataract patients, post LASIK patients, mildly myopic, mildly presbyopic, and amblyopic patients.

This technology has been shown to enhance patients vision and contrast sensitivity. The advantages are that it is:

No medications  
Patient specific treatment

It is implemented as an internet-based computer generated visual training, using personalized specific stimuli based on Gabor patches. It can be done at home on your own personal computer, with the guidance of your eye doctor and a personal visual consultant assigned to you.

It is FDA cleared in the United States and has the European CE Mark

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